5 Leather Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Leather is a material that’s been controversy’s child. While it’s popularly sought for the sense of luxury it exudes, it’s also been subjected to certain myths and misbeliefs, which condemn its usage and application. The facts, however, tell a different story.

Leather is popularly known to be a material of luxury. What makes Leather unique is that it entices you to touch it. The finish of natural leather, exudes resplendence and seamlessness that are distinct to it. Leather is also one of those few materials that get better with age, conforming to your comfort needs.

However, this fine material has been subjected to considerable backlash, primarily because it is believed to be the reason and result of animal slaughter. There are certain other misbeliefs too, which come up whenever somebody mentions Leather. 

This infographic aims to highlight 5 lesser known facts about Leather. These facts obliterate the myths and misbeliefs that float around Leather.

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5 Lesser Known Facts about Leather - Infographic

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As the infographic elucidates, making Leather out of animal hides, is the most sustainable use of the hides. The characteristics of natural leather should not be confused with those of synthetic materials made to look like leather.

Leather is an extremely durable material. It oozes a sense of luxury and provides a level of comfort that are distinct to it. These properties make the material find its use in apparel, footwear, automobile interiors, bags and luggage, and everyday use accessories.

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